Recently I’ve been inspired to express myself through comedy. Here I explore the relationship between my shadow selves, navigating the confusion of isolation during the pandemic.

Follow the vlogs of three regular Australians during quarantine. Enigma, the Spiritualist will guide you lovingly through her tips and tricks towards Ascension. Shane (not her real name), the Truther will take you down the rabbit hole and show you how to navigate the world of impending doom. And Haylz, the Escapist, will entertain you endlessly with stories of her wild partying shenanigans in an attempt to remain carefree for the duration of the lockdown.

Please note: My mission is to infuse humour, lightness and love into my material in order to spread joy and resilience. Yes, I too am on a spiritual path and getting excited about the changing times. Whilst it looks like I am properly roasting the three very different personalities, I have spent time in each of their shoes feeling my way out of darkness, escaping pain and searching for truth. All three characters are parts of me. I have been the Truther, the Escapist and the Spiritualist in several chapters of my life. I believe we are best not to take life too seriously, especially if it means separating ourselves from those who are different from us.

Please share to lend humour, lightness and love to our collective evolution and to each individual braving the challenge of our current times.