Overcome Disordered Eating: Live Online Neuro Coaching Program 2020

  • Find out how your perception rules your world. Learn how your beliefs, past experiences, and values create your eating habits. Understand what drives your behaviour and choices around food.
  • Explore your limiting beliefs in-depth and your values around food and eating, including recognising self sabotaging behaviour.
  • Find out how your self-love and authenticity are the foundation for success, and learn new nurturing habits including approaches to eating (hypnosis included).
  • Understand how you play the Drama Cycle and how to overcome your conditioned default so that you are no longer easily triggered.
  • Learn how to create powerful boundaries and your own emotional protection when you would normally lead to bad choices around eating (hypnosis included).
  • Find out the secrets of tidy language and how to change the little voice inside your head to empower you.
  • Overcome and master your past, present and future experiences of eating, including depression and anxiety, and create lasting happiness. Learn how to balance sacred and survival.
  • Learn how to plan, record, and track your eating patterns for positive lasting behaviour changes.
  • Understand your wheel of life and setting powerful healthy eating goals, ensuring life balance, with practical real-world steps, and recommended daily practices.
  • And much more…watch your relationship with food improve immediately!

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Malise will be in touch within 24 hours. Course available world-wide and can begin immediately, with a flexible start date.