Speaking & Workshops

I love promoting the spark that leads to the next step in learning especially when it comes to mastering the mind and heart. As we come together in this time of great awakening, I have dedicated my life to helping awaken the master within through rewiring old programming and igniting joy and resilience. My personal story is one of empowerment, helping remind each of us to stop seeking love and healing from outside of ourselves and instead, find it within the heart’s universal connection.

I’m here to spread the word! Words that will awaken personal power and spark mighty inspiration. My speaking style is bubbly, lively, enthusiastic and lightly humoured. I offer various structured motivational and inspirational speaking engagements and workshops. Both young and old alike will learn how they can consciously improve their lives by incorporating cutting edge mind-enriching concepts. I bring mental health education, emotional soft skills and quantum conscious awareness practices together into an engaging format. Audiences take home practical and immediately transferable skills teamed with the resources to build joy and emotional resilience.


Rose-tinted: How perception rules our world

Love thyself: The foundation for all success

Like attracts like: The science of attraction

Drama: Mastering the theatre of life

Tiger proof: Building emotional protection

Choose your words: Mastering language

Past and future: Mastering your timeline

Holistic love: Creating balance & harmony

Presence: Eliminating anxiety & depression

Blissful States: Everyday simple meditation

Sacred versus Survival: Creating balance…

PLUS: Rapport & Influence, Limiting Beliefs, Happiness Levels, Values, Effective Communication, The Wheel of Life, Setting Your Trajectory

Depending on your audience, I have a multitude of experience to draw from and a vast pool of emotional skills development knowledge to create a bespoke motivational presentation. I cater to a wide variety of audiences including students, community organisations and workplaces. Specifically focused on personal empowerment, guidance around the pitfalls of escapism/anxiety/stress/ego, and redirecting passionate focus back onto personal dreams, I have the perfect motivational presentation waiting for you.

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Past speaking engagements:

  • Defence Force Recruiting
  • Australian Learning Group
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Corporate Centre
  • Saint Stephens College
  • Carrara Lions Club
  • Association of Australian Diesel Specialists
  • Affinity Education Group
  • Liberty Community Connect
  • Melbourne Zoo
  • Josh Talks Australia
  • Southern Cross Austereo
  • HerStory Summit
  • Aurizon Safety Workshop
  • Rexel State Conference
  • Get Going Personal Training

Emotional Life Skills Student Workshops

One Day Program

• Perception and Reality – respecting each unique model of the world
• Rapport and Influence – how like attracts like
• Limiting Beliefs – understanding and deleting your barriers
• Cause versus Effect – followers and leaders
• The Drama Cycle – recognising and avoiding drama
• Boundaries – creating your own emotional protection
• Sphere of Influence – focus on what you can change
• Tidy Language – using effective language
• Happiness Levels – short, medium and long term
• Feeling Good – accessing true happiness

Two Day Program

One day program plus…
•Your Unique Perceptional Filters – understanding your unique self
• Values – what’s uniquely important to you
• Effective Communication – body language
• The Wheel of Life – assessing your balance
• Sacred versus Survival – ensuring balance
• What makes us Happy? – what you can control
• Past, present and future – avoiding depression and anxiety

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