The Truth Seekers Course

One Day Virtual Interactive Workshop AU$300

Are you a truth seeker? Feeling depressed and anxious? Seeking a deeper spiritual connection amidst the chaos?

Start feeling alive, connected and delighted!

Seeking to feel alive, connected and delighted amidst the current chaos? You have the ability to master your mind, spiritually connect and bring harmony to your body. Learn how to become joyful and resilient and find your spiritual path in this one day interactive virtual workshop. Malise will take you on the journey that transformed her life from an anxious, depressed and fearful truth seeker to a place of deep knowing and inner peace. Being awake does not have to mean doom and gloom!

Learn how to:

Change your frequency to connect to higher emotions.

Reprogram the dysfunctional autopilot setting of your mind.

Master your body’s intelligence systems and restore harmony.

Converse with the heart’s connection to source.

And much more.

Powerful NLP and hypnosis included.

6 hours including breaks / Q&A upon conclusion


Malise will be in touch within 24 hours. Course available world-wide and can begin immediately, with a flexible start date.